Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Canopies


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We provide all sorts of exhaust canopies adjusted to your needs which will remove smoke, odours, steam and provide clean, fresh air for your customers and employees.

Our exhaust canopies can be used in industries like:

  • restaurants, 
  • cafes, 
  • shops, 
  • commercial kitchens, 
  • bars, 
  • factories,
  • food vans/truck and so many more.

All canopies are design and manufactured in our factory in Melbourne by a highly skilled team who can also carry out complete and professional installation along with all: ducting, fans, filters and lights. 

Installation is with accordance with Australian Standard AS 1668.2 and AS 1668.1

As we care about each customer, our canopies are custom made especially 
for your business !!
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Economic Exhaust Canopy
$1,950.00 (+ GST)
Back Order.
Standard Exhaust Canopy
$2,210.00 (+ GST)
Back Order.
Box Canopy
$1,235.00 (+ GST)
Back Order.
Kitchen Exhaust Canopy 3450x1500x700
$3,363.00 (+ GST)  $2,500.00 (+ GST)
Back Order.
Honeycomb filters
$35.00 (+ GST)
Back Order.
Food Trailer Exhaust Canopy
$2,160.00 (+ GST)  $1,800.00 (+ GST)
Back Order.
Baffle Filter Exhaust Canopy
$2,600.00 (+ GST)  $2,400.00 (+ GST)
Back Order.